SeleniumBase 1.60.0 contains new methods and lots of optimizations.

New methods:

  • self.switch_to_newest_window()
  • self.assert_elements_present(*args, **kwargs)
  • self.assert_elements(*args, **kwargs)
    — Duplicates: self.assert_elements_visible(*args, **kwargs)

The self.switch_to_newest_window() is very useful because sometimes tests open up a new tab/window, and you need to be able to switch to the newest one easily.

The new assert methods are very useful because now you can assert multiple elements in a single assert statement. (Note the difference between "present" and "visible", as "present" allows for both hidden and visible elements.) The input can either be a list of css selectors, or individual args. Example:

from seleniumbase import BaseCase

class MyTestClass(BaseCase):

    def test_assert_list_of_elements(self):"")
        self.assert_elements_present("head", "style", "script")
        self.assert_elements("h1", "h2", "h3")
        my_list = ["#top-menu", "#col-main", "#col-widgets"]

Other changes include:

  • Allow the use of for configuring pytest.
  • Bypass data: URLs when doing link-checking for 404s.
  • Optimize JavaScript calls that require the use of jQuery.
  • Optimize Dashboard output and favicon display.
  • Update the default version of Geckodriver installed.
  • Optimize logging output.
  • Optimize some existing methods.
  • Update Python dependencies:

Full list of additions, changes, and fixes: