Making Pie Charts on Pi Day with Pytest, SeleniumBase, and HighCharts (VIDEO)

It's a tradition among scientists and mathematicians in America to celebrate Pi Day (March 14) by eating pies. We're going to take this one step further by making pie charts that represent pies. To do this, we'll be using a few tools, such as pytest, SeleniumBase, and HighCharts. With pytest, we can run a SeleniumBase script that generates HTML with HighCharts-JS to display pie charts on web pages. Here's a video of our results:

To learn more about creating charts, see:

Creating html presentations with SeleniumBase (VIDEO)

Creating html presentations with SeleniumBase (VIDEO: 36 seconds)

That's right! A one-line command on the command-line will get you a boilerplate html presentation that you can run with pytest!

More info here:
And here's the link to all SeleniumBase console scripts: